The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Foundation, Inc. is an independent charitable organization founded in 1974 to raise and oversee funds donated to UAFS. All donations come from people like you—generous individuals, businesses, and foundations who value education and believe in what the university is trying to accomplish for the benefit of its students, area businesses, and the economic well-being of all of us who live and work in the region.


In 1987, when the Foundation hired its first full-time employee, total assets were about $85,000. Today, thanks to the generosity and vision of thousands of donors and the careful stewardship of their gifts, total assets are more than $90 million. Along the way, we’ve awarded more than $17 million in scholarships and disbursed approximately $34 million more to the University for equipment, technology, facilities, and faculty support.


Thank you for helping to make such a difference!

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