Season Family

Season of entertainment show

For more than 30 years, the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith's Season of Entertainment series has been an integral part of the University experience and of the River Valley’s cultural identity. Today's Season of Entertainment comprises more than 15 individual events—national touring shows, plays by the University's drama department, and jazz, chorale, and symphonic concerts by student musicians.

But ticket sales to these events cover only a small portion of the cost of the Season. It is only through the generous support of the many friends and area businesses that UAFS is able to bring these quality shows to our community. Thank you for your tremendous support!
If you'd like to learn more about supporting the Season, please contact senior development officer Lynn Nancarrow at 479-788-7031 or
Members of the Season Family give $1,000 or more annually to the Season Endowment; Season Supporters make either annual gifts or gifts to the endowment; and Student Ticket Sponsors donate one or more event tickets for student use.

Dwight Curry (C)
Sally and Elvin Frick (C)
Jane* and Lester* Furr (C)
Brenda and Anthony Altman

Jaunice and Richard Griffin

Gretchen Hill
Dorothy Hosford
Mary Anne and Frank Lockwood (C)
Gwen and Keith May
Sally and Rodney Naucke
Elizabeth* and Merhl* Palenske (C)
Miriam A. Pates*
 Carolyn Basham*

Antoinette M. Beland
Janice and Paul Beran
Mary Edwards*
Don Flanders*
JoAnn and Jack Gedosh
Dorothy Hosford
Robert Huleatte*
Avanelle Kirksey (C)
Beth* and Chester Koprovic
Gelene* and Harold MacDowell
 June and Jim Alexander

Wilma and John* Ayers

Marjorie Boer

Mary C. Copeland* (C)

Lori and David Cravens

Brenda and Carl C. Davis

Cynthia and Warren Giss

Diane and Curtis Goldtrap

Helen and Fred* Hander

Mary* and Bishop Harp (C)

Barbara Hathcock

Margaret Howard* (C)

Paula* and S. W. Jackson (C)

Mary* and Manny* Jaye

Mary Ellen and Brad Jesson

Carol* Barnes Joyce and

Robert* Joyce (C)

Chloe and Joe M. Kirksey (C)

Bernice Kizer* (C)

Betty* and William Klusmeier

Millie and Ralph* Kramer

Arkansas Best Corporation


Cooper Clinic

First National Bank of Fort Smith


Mercy Fort Smith
 Carole and George Beattie

Mary Nelle and Allen Hales

Ann Hearn

Charles B. Hearn

Dorothy Hosford

Nancy and Lee Krehbiel

Helen Lanier

Clifford and Jane Lyon
 Nina Abernathy  ‡

Arkansas Warehouse  ‡
Beall Barclay & Company  ‡
Carole and George Beattie (OS)
I. Jean Beck  ‡
Benedictine Sisters   ‡
Bruce Bethell  ‡
Bruce-Rogers Company  ‡
Bruning Resources, LLC  ‡
Carco Rental  ‡
Centennial Bank of Arkansas
Consolidated Printing  ‡

Custom Awards and Engraving
Davis Iron & Metal  ‡
Day & Associates  ‡
Chuck Fawcett Realty, Inc.  ‡
Guest Reddick Architects, Inc.  ‡
Ann Hearn (OS)  ‡
Charles B. Hearn (OS)  ‡
Mary and Layton Jackson  ‡
Sheila and Stacey Jones  ‡
Kiwanis Club of Fort Smith Commissary  ‡
Helen Lanier (OS)
Liberty Bank  ‡

Jeri and Walton Maurras
Marilyn and E. H.* Patterson (C) 
Youth Arts Coalition
 Donnie Pendergraft (C)

Rosemary and Eugene G. Rapley (C)
Wanda Srygley
Sally Lick Vick* (C)
Peggy and Bill Weidman (C)
Bess Williams* (C)
Frances and Ross Willis (C)
 Nadine and Bob Miller (C)

Phoebe C. Mueller
Linda and Steve B. Nelson
Sue and Jerry Peerbolte
Mary and Taylor Prewitt
Patricia and David Shaw (C)
Patrece Sherman* (C)
Linda and Howard Spradlin
Annis Lick Walcott* (C)
Gladys and Prentiss* Ware
Betsy Westphal

 Loretta and Charles S. Larson

Marta and Greg Loyd
Sue Martin (Guaranty Abstract)
Dinah and Bill McCord
Lynn and Douglas Nancarrow
Loretta and Douglas Parker
Janice and Robert Powell (C)
Margie and Ralph* Reed (C)
Sue and Jim Rose
Linda and Kenneth Schmidt (C)
Sherron and Charles Shuffield
John Maddox Smith* (C)
Susie and Craig Smith
Tim R. Smith

Dixie and Jim Spears

Anne and Justin Thomas
Marianne and Bill Thompson
Rebecca and Todd Timmons
Susan and Gilbert Travis
Mary and Richard Udouj
Beth Watson
Delphia* and W. G.* Weeks, Jr.
Ed Dell Wortz
Taco Bell
Susan and Gilbert Travis  ‡
Brenda Yelvington and Lavon Morton
Zero Mountain, Inc.
 John and Susan Lyon

Jim Miller

Rosemary and Eugene Rapley

Patricia Shaw

Judge and Mrs. Jim D. Spears

Lorraine Tate

Jane and Jim Walcott

Betty Ann and Roy Walker
 Clifford and Jane Lyon (OS)

MAHG Architecture  ‡
Methodist Health and Rehab  ‡
Mickle Wagner Coleman, Inc.  ‡

Nadine and Bob Miller
Dr. Rick and Bonnie Murphy  ‡

Linda and Steve B. Nelson
OG&E  ‡
Preferred Office Products  ‡
Przybysz & Associates  ‡
Regions Bank  ‡
Rheem Air Conditioning  ‡
Linda Riley (OS)
Sue and Jim Rose  ‡

Sodie's Wine and Spirits
Wanda Srygley  ‡
Times Record  ‡
Universal Travel  ‡

Debra Vicharelli
Jane and Jim Walcott (OS)  ‡
Williams-Crawford  ‡
Rebecca Yarbrough  ‡


(OS) Operational Supporter
‡ Student Ticket Sponsor
(C) Charter member(s)
* Deceased