Harry, '58 and JoAnn, '58Installing Doorstops

Harry, '58 and JoAnn, '58, establish a scholarship to help students where they met.

“We know our educations have allowed us to live the life we’ve lived,” Harry said. “We wanted to put in doorstops to hold open doors for those coming behind us.”

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Randy Wewers

Creating Learners

Endowment honors dedicated professor Lucille Speakman.

Randy Wewers, '58, established the the Lucille Speakman Legacy Endowment. The endowment will fund grants to current UAFS faculty for self-guided travel, international travel, class development and research.

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Thurman Jordan

Kannan’s Friend

 Thurman Jordan recently established the Molly Frances Jordan Memorial Endowment for Biology Research. Named in honor of Jordan’s wife, the endowment will support Ragupathy Kannan’s research projects and allow him to hire UAFS students to assist in the field. Read more on this story....






Women’s Financial Series

Earning to Give

The Mollie Wilson Women’s Financial Series began with a two-fold purpose: educate women about the stock market using real money and to provide scholarships with the earnings.

Thus far this project for women has yielded more than $460,000 in earnings and helped more than 50 students attend the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.


“This is a good chance for women to get more comfortable with making financial decisions if they have to take over the family finances sometime,” Betty Scarborough said. Read more on this story... 



Chester Koprovic

When Giving Means Giving Back

Chester Koprovic believes in the value of giving back and investing in the community – especially when the community has provided opportunities for him and his family through the years. 
“If we’ve been successful, we owe something back to the community,” he said. “Not just business success, but schools, churches, everything that has been a part of my family’s life.” Read more on this story...



Danny Martinez memorial scholarshipOfficer Remembered

Tragedy, persistence and hope intertwine in a scholarship endowment that honors a Fort Smith police officer killed in the line of duty.
On March 23, 2007, Officer Danny Martinez escorted a mother to pick up her child from the family of an ex-boyfriend. After the violence that followed, another officer wanted a lasting way to remember the fallen officer. Read More on this story...



John Lewellen

A Fitting Tribute

Local shop owner John Lewellen, Jr., names new outdoor reading area near library to honor his late father.

John Lewellen, Sr., simply loved being outside. It didn’t matter what he was doing; as long as he was outdoors, he was a happy man. “He just would not be inside for anything,” says his son, John Lewellen, Jr., of Fort Smith. “He wanted to be outside with nature.”  Read more on this story...





Mona and Dick Alonzo

‘Meeting the Need’

Mona and Dick Alonzo establish a scholarship endowment for much needed STEM education majors.

In addition to simply helping STEM majors afford their education, the Alonzo scholarships will serve as a powerful tool to recruit students into the programs in the first place—which is exactly what the Alonzos had in mind. "This will hopfully help UAFS train more science and math teachers," says Mona.  Read more on this story...



Sam M. Sicard

‘Wise Because He Listened’

Long a leader of fundraising efforts at UAFS, Sam M. Sicard is remembered for his quiet wisdom.

It speaks volumes about the respect and affection Sam M. Sicard enjoyed on the UAFS Foundation board that in the wake of his death in August, other board members spontaneously set up the Samuel M. Sicard Scholarship Endowment in his memory and began giving. Read more on this story...




The Skokos'sImpressions of Generosity

Why a former basketball coach and his family decided to make a major gift in support of the new library addition

What young Ted Skokos lacked in size, he more than made up for in athleticism and ball-handling skills. In fact, the 5’7” guard was good enough to play his way into a basketball scholarship to Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. Read more on this story...





William R. Walker

‘A Great Friend of the Institution’

Just part of a life of philanthropy, William R. Walker’s service to UA Fort Smith shaped today’s Foundation

By the time he passed away in late November, William R. Walker had done so much for so many that the obituaries and memorials in the papers could only briefly summarize his philanthropy and volunteer service. Read more on this story…




Brenda Yelvington and Lavon Morton

‘Nothing Got Frances Down’

Brenda Yelvington and Lavon Morton honor a friend’s memory with a unique scholarship

“She needed someone to honor what she had done for this community and for her students,” says Brenda Yelvington of her friend Frances Ralston, who taught accounting at Westark’s University Center and briefly at UA Fort Smith. “The university and those students were her life.” Read more on this story...

Donnie D. Pendergraft

A Tradition of Giving

Donnie D. Pendergraft's $5 million gift changed the lives of not only untold students but the entire University

Perhaps no other family name is more closely associated with UA Fort Smith than “Pendergraft,” and Donnie D. Pendergraft is a caring benefactor of that tradition. “We have been blessed, and I want to give back because of that,” says Pendergraft. Read more on this story…

Doug Babb and wife

A Deepening Commitment

When Cooper Clinic CEO Doug Babb taught a course at UA Fort Smith, he saw his younger self in his students—and had to help.

At the first meeting of the senior-level leadership course he taught at UA Fort Smith last spring, Doug Babb asked for all the students who were in the first generation of their families to attend college to raise their hands. Read more on this story…

Sherron Shuffield

A Well-Deserved Honor

To show it's gratitude for a generous gift, the English honor society Sigma Tau Delta inducted Sherron Shuffield as an honorary member.

For Sherron Shuffield, who taught English at UA Fort Smith for 20 years, and her husband, Charles, giving to the University was an easy decision. The Sherron Shuffield Endowment will be funded with the residual of the couple’s charitable gift annuity. Read more on this story...