High Expectations

McCloud and Tachy Sicard Chancellor’s Leadership Scholar Jane Van plans to give back to the community as a physician

Jane VanJane Van had several college options and scholarships but wanted to stay closer to home at a smaller, more personal institution. Qualifying for the Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship was key in her choice of UAFS, and her leadership skills immediately took off her very first semester. Scholars in Chancellor Beran’s leadership class were required to break into groups and plan a community service project.


“My group organized an Alzheimer’s Walk,” said Van, a freshman in fall 2008. “It really opened my eyes about what it takes to put on a major community event.”


Van also volunteers at a local hospital. Rather than becoming a lawyer, she now plans to go to medical school and become a radiologist. She’s already taking advantage of university events to network with physicians and other community leaders. “I have high expectations for myself—that was expected in my family and drove my hunger to work harder.”


She added, “Students are planning to do big and great things with their lives. We who have earned these prestigious scholarships are so grateful and try to do our best. As a medical professional, I will give back to the community and hope to be able to give back to the University one day, too.”