Scholarship Students

Sam Hansen

Sam Hansen

"Because of having that scholarship I was able to take 18-19 hours of credit per semester"





Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

“I just feel very blessed because I was able to graduate without any student loan debt. I worked while I was in college, but I wasn’t stressing over bills. I was able to get involved on campus and really get the full college experience.”





Marissa MooreLiving the Legacy

Marissa Moore receives the first Alumni Legacy Scholarship.

"UAFS is like a home away from home,” Moore said.




Lela Nickell

Tree of Life

A scholarship is helping Lela Nickell finish her bachelor's degree after a 30-year hiatus.

“I’m walking around with a smile all the time,” she said. “I always meant to come back and I’m just so thankful that I can.”





Angie Stout

"Best Thing That I Decided"

Angie Stout, '15, didn't give up on her dreams.

“I feel like we’re all called to do something in this world,” she said. “Mine is to reach out and be a positive influence with kids.”




Tony Jones

Learning to Serve

By any definition, Tony Jones had an adventurous summer in 2014.

“Through these opportunities I came to realize that a key to living a fulfilled life is being able to step out of your comfort zone and reach for what’s out there,” he said.  Read more...




Alison ReevesBuilding a New Life

As a single mom, Alison Reeves turned to UAFS to help her build a new life

“I was 25, a single mom, trying to figure out who I was. That first year back was really tough for me,” she said. “Seeing that people care (by receiving the scholarship) got me out of my shell. It got me involved on campus because I saw that people do care.”  Read more...




Tasha Heard

Overcoming Her Doubts

As Tasha Heard faced her first 20-page research paper at UAFS, she had doubts about her ability to do it.

“I thought it was going to be terrible,” said the sophomore from Harrison, Ark. “I hadn’t written over eight or 10 pages. I didn’t have the confidence that I could do it.” Read more...




Michael Pierce

'The Right Fit'

Instead of leaving town for college, attorney Michael Pierce chose UAFS—and never looked back

Michael Pierce was considering going to Fayetteville for college or even to Utah, where he and his family had lived for a year when he was a junior in high school, but he ultimately chose UAFS. Read more...




Two Japanese tsunami survivors go to UAFS.

In the Midst of Tragedy

Two students from Japan’s tsunami disaster zone continue their studies at UAFS

“My experiences at this university will definitely help me move forward,” said Misato Abe, speaking to the more than 300 scholars and donors who attended the 2011 Scholarship Banquet at UAFS. Read more...





Myca Jester


Living Up to Her Potential

Three scholarships and lots of hard work later, Myca Jester is on her way to medical school.

“If it were not for this assistance,” wrote senior Biology major Michaela “Myca” Jester recently in a thank-you note for the Bob and Joan Miller Scholarship, “I would find it a struggle to live up to my academic potential.” Read more...



Dana Broad

A Perfect Match

At UAFS, a first-generation college student finds a place to grow as a leader and a scholar

For Dana Broad of Springdale, UA Fort Smith wasn’t the obvious choice, but it proved to be the right one.“Most of my friends went to Fayetteville,” says Broad, “but after touring UAFS, I was set on coming here. Read more...




Mike Fielder

First of his Kind

Until 1998, the Foundation had never supported a baccalaureate student. Mike Fielder was a good one to start with.

At the time, it might have seemed like a strange decision—for the Westark College Foundation to award a scholarship to a student earning a degree from a different institution. In retrospect, though, that decision appears almost prescient. Read more…




Jane Van

High Expectations

McCloud and Tachy Sicard Chancellor’s Leadership Scholar Jane Van plans to give back to the community as a physician.

Jane Van had several college options and scholarships but wanted to stay closer to home at a smaller, more personal institution. Qualifying for the Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship was key in her choice of UAFS. Read more…




Joe Geisbauer

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Mabel and Lloyd Hobbs Chancellor’s Leadership Council Scholar Joe Geisbauer ’07 might have faced a different future without his scholarship.

Joe Geisbauer, who graduated from UAFS in 2007, is on his way to earning a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Nebraska. Coming from a middle-class family, he might have faced a different future without a scholarship. Read more…




Sarah Bradshaw

Back to School with a Purpose

In her daughter, senior English ed. major and Ross Pendergraft Scholar Sarah Bradshaw has found the motivation she was missing.

“Even with Pell Grants, I still had to pay a lot, and sometimes I couldn’t afford some of my books,” says Sarah Bradshaw, a 24-year-old senior majoring in English with teacher licensure. Read more…